Once upon a time, we could simply put an HTML and a script file into an FTP server, quickly have a working website and call it a day.

Today, we have to jump through many hoops just to get the right things in the right places. Suppose Alice wants to spend her weekend making a simple to-do app or whatever little idea she enjoys. First, she has to install a big heap of 10k npm packages files. Then she spends a few hours searching how to get this week’s js bundler working with the latest typescript with the latest trending…

µjson is a minimal JSON parser and transformer that works on unstructured (and trusted) JSON. It works by parsing input and calling the given callback function when encountering each item.


Sometimes we just want to make some minimal changes to a JSON document or do some generic transformations without fully unmarshalling it. For example, removing blacklisted keys from response JSON. Why spend all the cost on unmarshalling into a map[string]interface{} just to immediately marshal it again. The following code is taken from StackOverflow:

With µjson, we can quickly write a simple transformation to remove "responseHeader" completely from all responses…

Oliver N

A software maker specialized in JavaScript and Go @ olvrng.github.io

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